Google Chrome 71.0.3578.62

Free web browser from Google that allows users to test it before fully downloading Chrome

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Google Chrome 71.0.3578.62
Google Chrome 37.0.2062.44 Beta

Google Chrome Beta is a version of the famous Chrome web browser that lets users try out updates and new features before they're officially added in the stable release.

As new beta versions are released on a regular basis by Google, the specific updates you'll get the chance to try will depend on what's being worked on at the time you downloaded Google Chrome Beta. In the latest beta version, Google is focusing on making the browser more stable, secure and minimizing negative experiences while browsing the web.

In the current Google Chrome Beta, the developers made some changes to the how the browser interacts with third-party applications and extensions, most notably anti-virus software and accessibility tools. The browser should now run more smoothly and be less prone to crashes when used with software that modifies its behavior.

Google also wants to ensure that Chrome users have a good experience while browsing the web, which is why they're constantly refining features that limit the impact of abusive behaviors by web pages. One of the most recent updates deals with unwanted page redirects. These are often caused by iframes which redirect a user to another website, usually an ad landing page, without any interaction on their part. In many cases, this behavior is caused by rogue third-party ads embedded on a page.

Protections against this type of behavior by pages has already been included in previous stable releases, but has been improved in the beta. The browser should now block a greater number of unwanted redirect attempts. It will display a notification to the user when this happens, allowing them to proceed to the new page if the redirection was legitimate and wanted.

Besides some changes to the way the browser handles content and the possible inclusion of completely new features being tested, Google Chrome Beta works just like the regular stable release. You get the same familiar interface and fast browsing you're used to.

However, as with any other pre-release software version, there's a possibility that you may encounter bugs or something not working as intended. If this happens, you can submit feedback to Google detailing your experience. Doing so provides valuable information to the developers, as they can fix previously unnoticed bugs before the next stable release.


  • Looks and works just like the regular version of Chrome.
  • Allows you to try the latest improvements and new features early.
  • Includes stability and user experience improvements.
  • Provides opportunities to submit feedback about the latest changes.


  • Chrome Beta versions may have bugs or unexpected functionality issues.

Google Chrome is a free web browser released to the public in 2008. It was originally released for Windows XP. Later, it was released for Max OS X and Linux platforms. The initial reaction to the browser from Google was not so great. Today, Google Chrome runs on all the major operating systems including iOS and Android. The market share for Google Chrome has surpassed its nearest rivals in recent years. Today, Google Chrome commands more than 40 percent of the Internet usage among all desktop and mobile browsers.

Major Features

Google products appeal to the masses due to their minimalistic interfaces, performance and ease of use. The success behind Google Chrome is also attributed to the same user centric philosophy behind Google products. A quick review of the features of Google Chrome reveals the major reasons behind its success.

Speed: Google Chrome loads pages much faster than Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. Most users always consider speed as the single most important factor in selecting a browser.

Stability: Everyone hates a browser or app that crashes all the time. Regardless of the number of tabs opened, users expect the browser to perform with stability, and Google Chrome satisfies the demands of today's Internet users.

Security: Google Chrome is much more safer than many other browsers. It does not infect your desktop with malwares. It also provides controls to minimize the risks of phishing. The auto-update feature keeps Google Chrome always current with the latest security updates.

User Interface: The user interface includes all the typical features such as Back, Forward and Refresh buttons. In addition, the tabs feature allows opening and maintaining multiple browsing sessions.

Omnibox: This unique feature combines the address bar and search bar into a single URL box. It also provides suggestions based on previous searches. The autocomplete feature reduces the amount of typing needed while searching or opening a web site.

Privacy Mode: The privacy mode, also known as Incognito, allows users to privately browse web sites. Google Chrome does not remember the browsing history in this mode. This adds extra privacy on shared computers.

Customization: The large number of features allows the users to customize their browsing experience. The Settings feature under the Preferences sub menu allows users to change the options such as privacy, home page selection and appearance.

Advanced Settings: The Advanced Setting under the Preferences sub menu offers sophisticated users to further customize their experiences. In addition to various privacy settings, Google Chrome provides the options to auto-fill passwords, setup fonts, select a wireless network, setup languages, select the download location and configure cloud based printing.

Extensions: The Extensions feature under the Preferences sub menu provides the ability to add extensions to Google Chrome. The Google Docs extension is included with the Google Chrome downloadable.

Pros and Cons:




?Incognito Mode

?Tabbed browsing



?Beta mode

?Potential data sharing with advertisers

?Too many features

?Increased learning curve

?Increasing market share leads to less competition

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